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Net Financial Indebtedness

a Cash 157.6193.6
b Other current loans 11.56.8
  Current bank indebtedness -316.0-109.7
  Current portion of bank indebtedness -66.8-79.3
  Other current loans -14.2-15.0
  Due to financial leases coming due during the next financial year -6.1-4.7
c Current financial indebtedness -403.1-208.7
d=a+b+c Net current financial indebtedness -234.0-8.3
e Non-current loans 8.68.5
  Non-current bank indebtedness -427.0-439.4
  Bonds issued -1,002.2-999.7
  Other non-current loans -120.0-121.4
  Due to financial leases coming due after the next financial year -13.8-11.2
f Non-current financial indebtedness -1,563.0-1,571.7
g=e+f Net non-current financial indebtedness -1,554.4-1,563.2
h=d+g Net financial indebtedness -1,788.4-1,571.5


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