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Information Systems

During the first half of 2009, Hera Group information systems continued the course laid out earlier, operating in accordance with the following guidelines: efficiency in satisfying business needs, capacity to strengthen the operating efficiency of the companies and organizations of the Hera Group, promptness in updating information systems to sector regulations.

With regard to the internal efficiency of information systems, objectives were the improvement of information technology services provided, strengthening data processing architectures in line with the technologies available on the market and optimizing the operating and organizational work model.

Significant indicators of the contribution of information systems to the business activities of the Hera Group include the following:

  • About 8 million utility bills issued;
  •  About 1.6 million service requests, handled through four channels:
    • Call centre;
    • Physical branches;
    • Mail;
    • Internet.

During the first half of 2009, information systems managed about 35 projects, classified by the following types:

Supporting new business needs and satisfying sector regulatory requirements:

  • Implementation of the changeover plan for information systems with regard to the requirements of the unbundling legislation. In particular we point out the following projects:
    • Gas Internet Portal with the distributor schedule;
    • Dialogue system with the distributors of Hera Comm;
  • Completion of the planning activities to integrate the companies SAT and Riccione Gas into the Group information systems;
  • Updating of management information systems to meet various rules, both fiscal and regulatory, for example:
    • Specific reporting requirements of the AEEG and the Autoritą Garante della concorrenza e del mercato [antitrust authority];
    • Changes to the tariff schedule for electricity;
  • Realization of the Integrated Work Journal, which replaced the payroll records, personnel registration and other mandatory journals, effective 19 February 2009.

Improvements in the operating process efficiencies of the Hera Group:

  • Launching a project to develop a Help Desk for suppliers of the e-Procurement system;
  • Updating management systems to implement a control mechanism for allocating expenses versus budget;
  • Increasing efficiency in the invoicing and collection processes;
  •  Implementing a new Risk management process, used by Hera Trading;
  • Optimizing the interfaces between front office and back office, reducing errors in data handling;
  • Changing over information systems for managing the Emergency Services process for the remote control of fluids and launching the Emergency Services project for the electricity network;
  • Continuing basic and subject-oriented mapping and charting for gas, water, electricity, district heating and public lighting networks.

Reduction of technical risk and improving the operational security and efficiency of information systems:

  • Implementation of the update plan for the technical and application infrastructure, by migrating new releases for the principal management information systems (e.g., SAP ISU);
  • Continuing strengthening and upgrading the technical infrastructure to support the constant increase in business volume and to increase the reliability of services provided (e.g., centralization of the Energy Data Management system, storage and remote backup);
  • Launching the Identity Access Management (IAM) project, to automate the lifecycle of the identity of users who access the Hera Group information systems.

During the first half of 2009, a project was launched to review the operating and organizational work model of Hera information systems, in order to identify the optimal structure to support the Industrial Plan of the Group.

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