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Business Sectors

Hera has maintained balanced development in all its businesses, maintaining a balance between regulated services (integrated water services, collection and disposal of municipal waste, distribution of methane gas, electricity and district heating), and its non-regulated businesses (sale of methane gas and electricity, disposal of special and industrial waste and public lighting.

The low risk profile of the portfolio was especially clear in 2006 and 2007 when, following the unusually warm winter season, the negative trends in gas and heating activities were more than compensated for by profits in all other business areas. The "primary" services of Hera feature a countercyclical demand and therefore did not reflect the significant negative impact of the economic recession during the first months of 2009 (thanks also to the broad diversification of reference clientele consisting mainly of residential and small- and medium-sized business clients with typically inelastic consumption patterns).


Beginning with the 2009 half-year report, there have been some reclassifications within the Hera multi-business portfolio. In addition to the sale and distribution of gas, the gas business also includes district heating and heating management. In addition to the sale and distribution of electricity, the electricity business also includes microcogeneration (small size cogeneration plants built at the manufacturing sites of some customers).

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