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Relations with the Financial Market

The principal means of communications is undoubtedly the institutional website of the Group (www.gruppohera.it). During 2009, in the "Investor Relations" section of the website, we have sought to improve continually the online financial communications of the Group by:

1.      Completely reviewing the graphic appearance and reorganizing relevant information published;
2.      Continually updating relevant information in real time;
3.      Publishing the annual financial statements and, beginning this year, the half-year report in Italian and English in HTML format, accessible and downloadable in ExcelŽ, on the same day that it is approved by the Board of Directors;
4.      Publishing quarterly, half-year and annual financial statements of the Group on the same day that they are approved by the Board of Directors, in an interactive format or in a format that allows comparison of economic, equity and industrial historic data;

5.      Publishing a quarterly newsletter for private investors (summarized and readable) to illustrate the results obtained by the Group;
6.      Describing the strategies and operating policies of the Group to understand the future outlook for Hera.

The Investor Relations section of the website has been structured by organizing all the information into specific areas dedicated to the various stakeholders, to facilitate searching and understanding relevant information.

At the end of 2008, Hera finished in sixth place (for the second year in a row) in the Webranking 2000 classification by Hallvarsson & Halvarsson with the collaboration of Corriere della Sera for institutional websites. In terms of online financial communications, the ranking placed Hera among the top large-cap listed companies nationally and in the European utilities sector.

During the first six months of the year, 220 contacts were made (telephone calls, video conferences and meetings) with foreign and Italian investors on the occasion of presenting the Group Results and the Industrial Plan for 2011.

During April 2009, more than 100 meetings with foreign and Italian investors were held to publish and present the 2008 financial statements (Milan, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Frankfurt, New York and Boston).

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