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Share Performance

During the current serious economic crisis, all the stock exchanges of the world recorded negative performance during 2008 and through 2009, up to 9 March 2009, when the markets posted a change of direction. Hera shares benefited from the positive trend on the Italian market during the second quarter of the year, recovering from the negative performance posted during the first three months. Hera shares ended the first half of 2009 with a list price of Euro 1.734, up 16.4% from the beginning of the year, and better performance than either the Italian Stock Exchange Index (-0.1%) or the index for Italian "Local Utilities" (+6.9%).


During April, at the same time as the road show on annual results and the industrial plan to 2011, the share trended upward more than the Stock Exchange Index and the Italian Local Utilities Index. The upward trend continued to the end of the half year, more than compensating for the dividend distribution.

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